The hard work that makes it seem effortless.

The creation of Metropolitan has brought together an impressive development team. Colonial Properties Trust is a diversified real estate investment trust that owns a portfolio of multifamily, office and retail properties in the Sunbelt. Their approach to mixed-use developments - where you live, work & shop - fits current lifestyle trends that demand more convenience in every aspect of life. Pappas Properties has mastered the art of mixed-use development, designing places where people can live, businesses can flourish, and a range of activities are available. Phillips Place, Birkdale Village, and Charlotte Cotton Mills are but a few examples from their portfolio. Widely known for their expertise in retail development, Collett & Associates joins Colonial Properties Trust and Pappas to help create an eclectic mix of retail and dining at Metropolitan. They have a stellar track record, having developed over 10 million square feet of commercial space. By combining national retail connections with their ability tocultivate local merchants, they've built a reputation for insightful vision and high integrity.


Walk to restaurants, cafés, and shopping. Have a picnic on the grass. Jog down a scenic trail. Then take the elevator home. At MetLofts you have access to a world of diverse experiences in the heart of the city.

Floor Plans

Studio Level Floor Plans.  


1) Studio A
2) Studio B
3) Studio C
4) Studio D
5) Studio E
Loft Level Floor Plans..  


1) Loft F
2) Loft G
3) Loft H
4) Loft J
5) Loft K
Roof Level Floor Plans..  


1) Roof L
2) Roof M
3) Roof N
4) Roof P
5) Roof Q
1225 Baxter Street Charlotte, North Carolina 28204